House Rules

  1. Order, tolerance, a gentle usage of the house and the equipment, cleanliness, the avoiding of inflammable activities and the consideration of an appropriate calm in the house is the duty of every resident.

  2. The residents are for every damage, which is caused by themselves, their visitors or their families, liable to pay compensation.

  3. Structural alterations are not allowed.

  4. The residents have to clean their rooms before the departure. Otherwise a cleaning will be invoiced.

  5. It is not allowed to block the house entrances or the garage. Furthermore the placing of lockers, boxes, … on the corridor is not permitted.

  6. The Attachment of pictures on the wall is only on the wooden strip unforbidden.

  7. Water conduits, plugholes, and any other drain must not be polluted.

  8. The residents are not allowed to throw waste (e.g. food remains, scraps,…) in the toilet. If the drain is congested the culprit has to pay the repair.

  9. If there is a defect on the branch circuit / water line please tell us immediately.
    Compensational bulbs maximal 60 W.

  10. Pets are not permitted.

  11. The night’s rest is from 10 pm to 6 am. Please be quiet!

  12. The front doors must always be locked.

  13. The tenants are responsible that their rooms are clean. They are together responsible that the kitchen, the bathroom and the toilet on their storey are tidy. If you ignore this rule it will be cleaned at your expense.

  14. Please separate the rubbish and put it in the containers, which are in the garage.